Ten minutes is long enough to uproot your life, get caught in a storm, drink a cup of coffee, memorize a child's face, wash a sink full of dishes, recite wedding vows, fall in love with someone you shouldn't, eat a sandwich, remember a dream, call an old friend, sketch a figure model, read a chapter, listen to your favorite song, get on or off the train that will change the course of your life forever. Ten minutes is enough time to write something strange and beautiful and true without editing the strangeness and beauty and truth out of it. We all have ten minutes, many times a day, so it’s hard to come up with convincing excuseseven to our secret innermost selveswhy we don’t. Ten minutes is everything we can't fit into a Facebook status, it’s slice of life, short-shorts, a Polaroid picture, a poem, a prayer.

What stories from your life can you write in ten minutes?