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The L10 Project

Writing stories brave and true in 10-minute increments. 

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Read My 10

Weekly 10-minute writings by Valley Haggard. 

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Read Your 10

Enjoy submissions from writers all around the world. 

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Submit Your 10

Write for 10 minutes from your life and send it to us. 

Events Coming Up

Writing workshops, storytelling events, and more!


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Join writer, Valley Haggard, and artist, Linda Laino, for a magical and luxurious week-long retreat of painting mandalas and writing our stories in beautiful San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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Stories that are brave + true. Life in 10 Minutes Press is a home for books that are beautiful, brave, heartfelt, and vital.



Whether you're interested in our weekly class series, looking for a weekend workshop or looking for a one-on-one session with Valley, Life in 10 Minutes has something that's right for where YOU are now.



Valley has written three books and would love to share them with you.