Road Rage

We'd just gotten frozen yogurt. Our treat. Our comfort food. I pulled out into busy, Christmas-time, evening traffic. He suddenly flashed in my rear view mirror and then shot around my car stopping at an angle in front of us, trapping us with his off kilter, middle-of-the road parking job in front, the median to the left, and a steady stream of traffic to the right.

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Country Life

Today I woke up and looked out of my bedroom window and noticed that what
seemed like over night, all the trees had filled in with their various colored leaves.  The grass below had grown and
was the prettiest shade of green.  I sat
quiet for a moment and there perched on the top of my deck was a red cardinal.  He sat gazing straight at my

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For My Aunt

I see you and I know that you see me. Not in the way that the rest of the world looks at us. No, it’s something magical that we possess; the ability to see straight into other people’s lives. We see the world as the first layer to something greater, a greater plan or a cover for a far more whimsical earth beneath

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