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Bubbles in the Stream

Find your own expression in the form. Even when doing the identical thing as someone else, you do it the way you would, not the way they would. Take care of the form and yourself in the expression. 

Boredom doesn’t exist in the meditative world, because boredom is wishing to do something else while waiting for something better to start. 

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This week was...

This week was, and I do not mean to sound pathetic, but it was not much of a great week. 
Nothing happened. Nothing beautiful, at least. The week was not showered in love or even in random acts of kindness. Since I am in a state of consciousness, where I think, showering in love, in random acts of kindness, is the basic condition for things being called „good“, I feel a little disappointed and tired about this week. You might call me a person with a very low threshold to boredom, and you would be right.

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I have two perfect hands, and they are a goddamn mess. I love them. They remind me to be amazed by this human body.

I didn’t always know to love them. My family always made fun of them, so my friends and I did too. They are thick and padded, just like paws. Too big to hold boys’ hands, too squishy to wear pretty rings, and too ugly to wear bright nail polish. I’ve never been able to keep dirt from getting under my nails so I clip them so short it hurts; but the dirt just goes deeper.

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