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Proceed Slowly—Grief at Work

My Daddy lived with me before he died. I didn’t write during that time. I wish I had known then about how healing it can be but knowing myself as I do now—somewhat petulant and always right, of course—I probably would’ve flung aside the idea that anything could help. Besides, when would I have had time to write? Puh-leeze! I was teaching full-time, I had a teenage daughter, my marriage was falling apart, my siblings were nowhere to be found, and I was fast approaching menopause.

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This weekend, my granddaughter Alex
and her parents drove up to Virginia from Raleigh Durham N.C.  Alex is eight
years old, but has the wisdom of someone much older.  We don't get to 
spend a lot of time together so when we do, it's extra special.  I had a few places planned to take her but of course
it's raining all weekend.  

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Take Time For You

One day I got really irritable with myself because I spent the majority on a forum based roleplay rather than get any "actual" writing done. I told myself I had wasted the day doing nothing.

But as I got to thinking about it, I thought how much time do we waste going places we don't really want to or working jobs we really don't enjoy? How much time do we spend in a crowded room when we feel alone? How much time do I need to spend doing things to actually be productive?

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