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Finger Lickin' Good!

Our host told us about a hot pot a few miles away that few knew about – great setting, beauty all around, cheap – we should go.

We gathered our suits, a towel, and took off with barely a sense of where it was.

Eventually after pulling into the wrong valley a couple of times we found the right one and saw a rickety structure next to an outcropping of rocks next to several huge plastic tubs. The whole thing looked a little gross – slimy sides of the pools, rough rocks and gravel for flooring. The changing shed was dark with no benches. Not my favorite move to try to get my pants and socks off while standing up and trying not to touch the cold wet floor the whole time. I left my clothes on a hook in the shed and came outside wearing just my bathing suit and my untied hiking boots to protect my feet from the rough ground.

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