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Let Us Be Kinder

No one should have to wonder whether they have worth or consider they're garbage, able to be discarded and thrown away. Each of us has a worth and place in this world, and the world can be an unkind place. We need to be kinder to one another. Reach out more. Talk and talk more openly about all our demons, and help one another where and when we can.

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Take Time For You

One day I got really irritable with myself because I spent the majority on a forum based roleplay rather than get any "actual" writing done. I told myself I had wasted the day doing nothing.

But as I got to thinking about it, I thought how much time do we waste going places we don't really want to or working jobs we really don't enjoy? How much time do we spend in a crowded room when we feel alone? How much time do I need to spend doing things to actually be productive?

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I have two perfect hands, and they are a goddamn mess. I love them. They remind me to be amazed by this human body.

I didn’t always know to love them. My family always made fun of them, so my friends and I did too. They are thick and padded, just like paws. Too big to hold boys’ hands, too squishy to wear pretty rings, and too ugly to wear bright nail polish. I’ve never been able to keep dirt from getting under my nails so I clip them so short it hurts; but the dirt just goes deeper.

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