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Letting Go

I tried to let go with your diagnosis of ADHD and no impulse control
I let go a little each time you lied to me over and over 
I let go some more when you moved out and I knew in my heart it would not be in your best interest
I let go even more when you went through substance abuse treatment and I begged you to tell me what was hurting you so much

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Are You Worried About Her Weight?

“Are you worried about her weight?” My mother ask me as we are sitting at the children’s museum. “I know its a sensitive subject.” 

What she means is, I am worried about her weight and you should be too. You should do something about your four year old’s body before she deals with being fat. It’s better to be thin. Thin people are happier people and it only gets harder as she gets older. That’s what she means. 

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