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Proceed Slowly—Grief at Work

My Daddy lived with me before he died. I didn’t write during that time. I wish I had known then about how healing it can be but knowing myself as I do now—somewhat petulant and always right, of course—I probably would’ve flung aside the idea that anything could help. Besides, when would I have had time to write? Puh-leeze! I was teaching full-time, I had a teenage daughter, my marriage was falling apart, my siblings were nowhere to be found, and I was fast approaching menopause.

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Where I'm From

I'm from Arlington, Virginia, right across the river from Washington, D.C. You could walk to the end of my street and be able to see the National Mall, At least, that's what you would be able to do if there weren't so many trees blocking the view. The actual town wasn't particularly memorable to me, but I still recognize the same old CVS Pharmacy and Safeway, as well as my dad's hometown about ten minutes away, whenever I come to see my grandparents. While the proximity to Tyson's corner always made the area a hotspot, it's all far more built up now, prime real estate drawing office towers and traffic that the unprepared town buckles under. The only parts that really mattered to me were the little playground down the street and Sam's house, both of which are untouched.

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