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This weekend, my granddaughter Alex
and her parents drove up to Virginia from Raleigh Durham N.C.  Alex is eight
years old, but has the wisdom of someone much older.  We don't get to 
spend a lot of time together so when we do, it's extra special.  I had a few places planned to take her but of course
it's raining all weekend.  

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We put feathers in each other’s hair in my basement. My basement is still crawling with them. Feathers swim on the air filter’s breeze, landing on and launching off of my mandala rug.

It was a silly thing, that time we found ourselves connected. It was silly because it was true. You loved me and I loved you and we loved in the midst of a sand-covered desert, a space that was almost completely sand. We were best friends for a while, chicks hatching out of best friend eggs, and then we weren’t.

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