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Conjuring Macie (an exercise)

In fiction you are supposed to make stuff up, I heard, and mix it real careful with stuff that happened and have a big disclaimer at the beginning about how none of this can be construed to resemble the life of any person living or dead except by coincidence, and as long as you change the names you can get by with it.  Which works fine except in my case I want to tell a fiction about my grandma Macie and the names are part of it, you see.  

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For My Aunt

I see you and I know that you see me. Not in the way that the rest of the world looks at us. No, it’s something magical that we possess; the ability to see straight into other people’s lives. We see the world as the first layer to something greater, a greater plan or a cover for a far more whimsical earth beneath

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Dead for Good

There was once a man I needed to have be dead. I got as far away from him as I could get, and told myself that was far enough. Then time went by, years, and whenever he came into my mind, which was less and less over time, I told myself he was surely dead by now. 

But last night as I was falling asleep, a voice said you don’t know. You don’t know for sure he’s not drinking a beer right now. People can live a surprisingly long time. 

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That long

In ten minutes, wow. At 4am on February 5th, exactly one month away from my estranged wifes birthday. Cant say I feel much different than a few years ago. Being by myself, and traveling through a life shift every two years seems to be a spiritual cycle for me. From Queens NY, to North Carolina, To Maryland, back to New York, to Australia, Back to New York.

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Dark to Light

There’s a picnic table in my sunroom, an old pine table notched together with wooden pegs, and two benches worn from over sixty years of sitting, first in my childhood kitchen, then more recently here, in my own house, all these years later, where I take my breakfast, to sit and munch and gaze at the out of doors, the backyard, and all its animal busyness that comes with early mornings.

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