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Early morning: we heat the fire in the kitchen, and the man who had the flashlight gives me small chunks of wood to throw into an open pit in the ground. He whisks the lava, creating a mesmerizing effect that dissipates into mere scent, inviting and coarse at the same time. His wife brings over chicken soup in a pot, dented so much it seemed as if the creature was still fighting its way out. She tells me that the man without the flashlight killed a chicken for this, and Baba says thank you. Apparently, it’s custom to do so, but I can’t help look at the chickens in the garden, strutting through the caked mud glittered with seeds. When Baba said he woke up to the squawks and fluttering of wings, I’m surprised I didn’t hear even the shadow of an echo. Breakfast is delicious, I later realize.

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