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Doctors Appointments

Today, I went for my six month check up with my family practitioner. It seems that since I hit a mild stone of
sixty, the various doctors appointment have become frequent. There's the Ortho doctor for the pain in my right knee. The dentist so I can keep my teeth and not have to get those fake
dentures that jump out at people when
when you're talking.

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Out of the Rain

The man stands on the front porch with his hands in his pockets, staring at the floorboards. I duck – I’m afraid he caught me watching him from my window. I’ve never seen anyone in that house, and I don’t like to park near it because I’m afraid it’s haunted. Its windows are shut to the neighborhood, and it’s faded and overgrown. T

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*rediscovered in the notes of my iPhone...

Coachella 420 

We rode in through the mountains.
We dropped a pin at our car. 
We met a pirate and he gave us swords. We hopped on board and drove us in through gates, around fences, past campsites, through squads and couples heading in for the day. 
We hopped off and paid the tender and headed in toward the Ferris wheel. 
It was another hot day.
Thousands of people moving, posing, laughing, feeling, looking, searching. 

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Simpler Days

I wept for 10 seconds today. I normally don't cry. I can't. Who has the time? The thick, unbreakable layers of my sadness lie at the opposite end of the earth. I'm convinced I can't reach them unless I spend twelve days in an Ayahuasca retreat held deep in the jungles of Peru. Only an old, wise Peruvian shaman could serve me a potion to awaken the dormant part of my brain that harbors the demons within me.

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The second time around

Over the past weekend I drove Upstate
To attend a wedding of a friend I've
Known for years. This friend who I'll
Call Amina, had been widowed for over
15 years. She kept herself involved with
Church affairs, visiting her grandchildren 
And taking occasional vacations. When
Ever her and I would have a conversation
About being alone after being married for
A long time, we often spoke about the
Loneliness, and dealing with a big void in
Our lives. I too am a widow of four years.

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