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Bigotry is Bigotry: An Analysis Through Experience

Bigotry was something that was always condoned in my school. Now, I’m from a sheltered, upper-class town in Connecticut. By all means, the racism here isn’t the stereotypical Confederate-flag waving redneck type wearing “MAGA” hats and yelling racial slurs (at least not in public) that you’d perhaps see in the Deep South - but it’s just as bad. The people here are just more “polished” about it, I suppose- if inherent racism and chauvinistic ideologies are polished.

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Oh shit

I almost got killed this morning. And no, I didn't see a movie of my life in front of my inner eye. I yelled “Oh shit!”

I was riding home at dawn from the gym. It’s typically a 12-minute bike ride with slow traffic and never more than eight cars at any given light. Is it a difficult intersection? No. An unusual one? Yes. But manageable. Manageable. While the bike lane continues straight, a right turn lane is carved out of the sidewalk so that any car turning right crosses my two-wheeler lane to do so. I have biked this part a hundred times and I shift into high alert right about this time every morning.

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That Summer

The beach was our safe space that summer.
The way the sun beat down on my skin and the salt of the ocean blended with the sunscreen we so haphazardly applied.
We escaped the city every chance we could that summer. Not running from anything in particular but wanting to get away from everything all at once.

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The Road to the Deepest Truths

Yesterday would have been my father’s seventy-first birthday.
If he were still alive, he might have had a bowl of vanilla ice cream to celebrate. Or maybe he would have gone for a drive to see the ocean, to breath in the salty air, to feel the wind on his face. I can’t say for sure because in the years following my mother’s death, he was sad and heart-sick and drinking too much. For ten long years, my father was suffering.

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Doctors Appointments

Today, I went for my six month check up with my family practitioner. It seems that since I hit a mild stone of
sixty, the various doctors appointment have become frequent. There's the Ortho doctor for the pain in my right knee. The dentist so I can keep my teeth and not have to get those fake
dentures that jump out at people when
when you're talking.

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Out of the Rain

The man stands on the front porch with his hands in his pockets, staring at the floorboards. I duck – I’m afraid he caught me watching him from my window. I’ve never seen anyone in that house, and I don’t like to park near it because I’m afraid it’s haunted. Its windows are shut to the neighborhood, and it’s faded and overgrown. T

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*rediscovered in the notes of my iPhone...

Coachella 420 

We rode in through the mountains.
We dropped a pin at our car. 
We met a pirate and he gave us swords. We hopped on board and drove us in through gates, around fences, past campsites, through squads and couples heading in for the day. 
We hopped off and paid the tender and headed in toward the Ferris wheel. 
It was another hot day.
Thousands of people moving, posing, laughing, feeling, looking, searching. 

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