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The Land of the Sheep and the Wolves

I'm sure by now everyone's heard the catchy ukulele song "A bad time for men" spreading like wildfire all over facebook. It wasn't Kavanaugh that really got me thinking hard about sexual assault- it was that song. Every single thing she mentioned- being unable to wear headphones while jogging. Not using public transportation at night. Not wearing that one mini skirt. Not renting a first floor apartment. Everything she listed, I have avoided (or done very rarely) my entire life because of one thing: MEN. 

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A Gift

It doesn’t seem fair to have had the most passionate love of my life when I was a teenager. I fell in love with a funny and mischievous high school football player. He was seventeen and I was only fourteen. I was a kid from New York City spending her summers and weekends in Connecticut with her Mom who was running away form a pain-filled marriage of anger and alcohol. 

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