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Swimming in Saigon

When I was five years old, my family moved to Saigon, Vietnam. Depending on your politics, or your view of history, we moved there for noble purposes. My father worked at the U.S. Embassy, and we were his dependents. It was safe, was the intended message to the world. American diplomats and their families were welcome, the war was over, nothing to see here.

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At War

I am at war with my body. That realization hit me just a few days ago. But it is a different war than the one we have fought for almost 40 years. I remember how our body used to look in the mirror, especially at the height of our decades-long battle. Ribs protruded, easily countable. Our collarbones could have been used as handles, they stuck out so far. Laying in bed our pelvic bones seemed almost to come through our skin, barely a layer of protection between bone and air.

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The second time around

Over the past weekend I drove Upstate
To attend a wedding of a friend I've
Known for years. This friend who I'll
Call Amina, had been widowed for over
15 years. She kept herself involved with
Church affairs, visiting her grandchildren 
And taking occasional vacations. When
Ever her and I would have a conversation
About being alone after being married for
A long time, we often spoke about the
Loneliness, and dealing with a big void in
Our lives. I too am a widow of four years.

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Out as long as in...

He has been out as long as he was in and I still can't believe he's real. 

How can two minutes, two "cells", two bodies make something that grows from a pin drop to monthly fruit and veggie comparisons in your belly to a slippery sliding football at birth to this moving, grooving, squealing, smiling can't be a real boy. 

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