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Conjuring Macie (an exercise)

In fiction you are supposed to make stuff up, I heard, and mix it real careful with stuff that happened and have a big disclaimer at the beginning about how none of this can be construed to resemble the life of any person living or dead except by coincidence, and as long as you change the names you can get by with it.  Which works fine except in my case I want to tell a fiction about my grandma Macie and the names are part of it, you see.  

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Country Life

Today I woke up and looked out of my bedroom window and noticed that what
seemed like over night, all the trees had filled in with their various colored leaves.  The grass below had grown and
was the prettiest shade of green.  I sat
quiet for a moment and there perched on the top of my deck was a red cardinal.  He sat gazing straight at my

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