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GPS Works

I wish I could but I know I can’t.  If I could, I would. I always hear those statement together. So... I GPS'd it. ! look down at my phone, because to hold it straight up in front of me, and stand as if I'm looking into someones face would look crazy.

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Birth of a Bitch

Well, I have been running my mind crazy for a good long time trying to work out a puzzle. Here it is. I’ve been writing for only two years and I’ve already had two people in my tiny universe tell me off after reading something I wrote and who now don’t care to speak to me ever again. Now, you need to understand that I never intended to hurt them. What’s had my head spinning in such a fury of self doubt is: How do I write honestly, true to myself, while also being respectful of others.

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The 13 on My Wrist

The simple story is that it was Friday the 13th and I'd had a long day and I needed something physical to calm me down. It was one of the hottest summers Los Angeles had experienced in awhile. The wild fires that filled the air with ash and smoke didn't help much either. Of course this was the summer I decided to work at a summer camp across the country from my small town home of Ivor, Virginia.

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I have two perfect hands, and they are a goddamn mess. I love them. They remind me to be amazed by this human body.

I didn’t always know to love them. My family always made fun of them, so my friends and I did too. They are thick and padded, just like paws. Too big to hold boys’ hands, too squishy to wear pretty rings, and too ugly to wear bright nail polish. I’ve never been able to keep dirt from getting under my nails so I clip them so short it hurts; but the dirt just goes deeper.

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