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Take Time For You

One day I got really irritable with myself because I spent the majority on a forum based roleplay rather than get any "actual" writing done. I told myself I had wasted the day doing nothing.

But as I got to thinking about it, I thought how much time do we waste going places we don't really want to or working jobs we really don't enjoy? How much time do we spend in a crowded room when we feel alone? How much time do I need to spend doing things to actually be productive?

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Hazel River

Right now I am alone, in this Hazel River home, sitting in front of a fire, the one I have been feeding with twigs and old limbs I have scoured from the woods outside the door. I have thought of this, my alone time, to write and feel the quiet, and think outloud, I could do this, do this alone, rent a spot so beautiful as this, and feel the reverance of nature’s church for a few days. I could do this.

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That long

In ten minutes, wow. At 4am on February 5th, exactly one month away from my estranged wifes birthday. Cant say I feel much different than a few years ago. Being by myself, and traveling through a life shift every two years seems to be a spiritual cycle for me. From Queens NY, to North Carolina, To Maryland, back to New York, to Australia, Back to New York.

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Dark to Light

There’s a picnic table in my sunroom, an old pine table notched together with wooden pegs, and two benches worn from over sixty years of sitting, first in my childhood kitchen, then more recently here, in my own house, all these years later, where I take my breakfast, to sit and munch and gaze at the out of doors, the backyard, and all its animal busyness that comes with early mornings.

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The Desk

We always had the cherry fold-down desk. A writing desk, with all of my father's secrets in it. When we were children, we were sure there was a gun in that third locked drawer. We could try and look into that drawer, but there were so many papers and folders and bits of slide presentations that we could hardly get that second drawer open to look inside. Mostly we didn't dare to.

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