That Summer

The beach was our safe space that summer.
The way the sun beat down on my skin and the salt of the ocean blended with the sunscreen we so haphazardly applied.
We escaped the city every chance we could that summer. Not running from anything in particular but wanting to get away from everything all at once.
There was a day we were driving three miles an hour down the beach road.
Listening to an instrumental song neither of us knew or would listen to on any other occasion.
For just a minute, time didn’t exist.
When that minute passed my life felt heavy.
I didn’t want to move on in time when everything my heart needed was in that single moment.
We left sad in September. A little drunk and with sand in our ears. Lungs, purified from the salt air that was desperately needed to clear out the city fumes.
My head felt emptied of its troubles but not ready to return to reality.

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