The Things That Matter Most


The things that matter most are not
always tangible. Air matters but you
Can't touch it. Love matters but you can't grab it with your hands.

Yesterday, while driving to the local
Supermarket, an on coming car speeding like a space ship headed to
Mars, zoom past me in a haze. I
Was angry in that moment and wanted to speed up to catch up to him and
Use all the curse words in my vocabulary!
I thought about it for a second, and
Calmed myself. The important thing
Was, I was fine and my car was fine.
That's what mattered the most.

In this short life of ours we need to
Grab on to the things that matter most
To us. That includes the people we love, the things we enjoy doing and
Those quiet moments alone with our
Inner spirit and our God.

We take so much for granted every day. The closet full of nice clothes to
Pick from, the endless pairs of shoes
And sneakers, our cars sitting patiently
In the drive way waiting for us. What
If in an instant a house fire claims all
Our belongs, or a hurricane such as
Dorian comes along and wipes out
Our life as we knew it. When we watch
The news daily and witness the
Devastation that has taken place all
Around us it should cause us to hit
The pause button on our lives and
Think for a moment about those things
That matter most.

At the close of every Ellen Degeneris
Show, she closes by saying,
"Be kind to one another."

I think that's a great place to start!

Live each day as if you are not sure
Tomorrow is coming. I'm living my
Best life! Are you?

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