I Help Them


I help them...If i feel i should....
When they don't want me to because my skin is darker than theirs, I help them.

When they disrespect, badmouth, and insult me, I help them.

When they think they don't need help...I help them see we all need help...then i help them.......
When help is asked of me, I help them....

As a profession...in the footsteps of my mother and sister, Scrubbed into surgery... they are scared, mentally unprepared, confused , and at a point where life flashes before their eyes, I help them.
As a father...as they learn this world I help them. As they grow I help them. when success is the aim, I help them.

If they fall I help them. When they choose to get back up...I help them.

When asked what did you do with your life?

I Helped Them !!!!!

But the reality is .... I need help !!!

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