Yep is Okay

I visited my dear friends a few months ago. We've known each other for over thirty years. They are godparents to my first-born daughter.

The many years since we've seen each other melted into minutes. They are still the same, goofy couple that my first husband and I snuck into Busch Gardens with.

Charlie and Anita live just outside of Santa Fe. Charlie teaches fishery science at the college, and Anita creates high-quality, beautiful jewelry.

I would live in Santa Fe in a heart beat. It's everything: beautiful mountains, world-class artisan shops and museums. A great farmer's market. The oldest church in the U.S. Every outdoor adventure you can imagine a daytrip away.

The people of Santa Fe are kind and happy. It's uncanny. It's as much a part of the spirit of the town as the New Mexican cuisine.

My husband and I , and our teenage daughter and son join Charlie and Anita and their teenage daughter at Bandalier National Park, an ancient site of Puebloan cave dwellers. It's magnificent in the enormity of rock formations, and the caves we explore. Hieroglyphs and the notches where women hung their weaving looms are part of the experience.

Charlie and I sit while the rest of the crew climb several hundred steps up a steep cliff to a large cave high up above the park bench where Charlie and I sit. We watch two young boys climb with their father, while their mother stands near us, loudly voicing her anxiety about the situation.

I say, "You're living the life, Charlie."
He replies, "Yep." Like the recipient of a gift who says, "Oh." And that's the extent of it.

In the past, Charlie and I have confided our deep feelings to each other, but during this moment, I feel like "yep" says it all. Perhaps it's an off day.

I watch the brave climbers ascending the steps to the cave. Sometimes I have a "yep" attitude, but now the mind-blowing rock faces, and the brave climbers are the opposite of "yep".

I tell Charlie I love him. He grabs my hand and squeezes it. We both know each other will be okay. And, even if we're not, that's okay.

I'm a paralegal by profession, but a writer by passion. I'm soon to be a published author, which is as mind-blowing as the ending to the movie The Usual Suspects.

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