The Liar's Daughter

Fifteen years since
I, your only child,
exposed your dirty secrets.
Laid them out on display
for the world to see.
How does it feel to know
your daughter is a traitor?
No longer subservient,
but a free will thinker?
Could have denied
the truth, nodded along to whatever
made-up story you’d tell when questioned.
Your words spoken so easily.
Your answers beautifully complete.

But here I sit,
basking in the sunlight,
alone. Pure.
My soul most certainly
worthy of entering through
high gates.
Until then,
I wait to be
greeted with opened arms
from passed loved ones
because the liar’s daughter
does not know how to love
or trust the living.

Katie Vinson is an emerging writer from Milwaukee, WI. She is currently writing memoir, flash nonfiction and poetry.

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