Summer Rain

Oh my God, could I possibly be happier than when there is a late afternoon rainfall. A heavy rain, but not a destructive one. As it washes over the streets and sidewalks and anything or anyone in its path, it washes away any cares and worries I might have at that moment.

This is a deeply spiritual moment for me. It has never failed to bring a prayer to my lips. Thanking God for all his wonders. It evokes all there is to be grateful for. The sound of the thunder, the occasional flash of lightening, ever reminding me of God’s power, as the rain reminds me of his mercy.

The odd thing is I don’t always believe in God. But I’ve been in enough situations in my life where God was the only one I called on to help me.

God, thank you for not turning your back on me because I so often doubt you.

And bless you for this rain.

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