IHOP Revisited


Last week I took my granddaughter
Alex to IHOP for breakfast. The waitress
Seated us in a large booth towards the
Back by the window. We sat and talked
And waited for our waitress. We watched
The rushing back and forth with plates of
Food going by. Alex began playing with
The crayons and blank picture of a deer
And rabbit to be colored. We gave our order to the waitress and sat back as we
Waited to be served. Suddenly I heard the
Large clash of dishes breaking again!! I
Smiled to myself as I recalled hearing the
Sound of dishes breaking the last time I
was here.
We observed an elderly
Couple come in. The gentleman was in a
Wheelchair, and the older lady was pushing the chair. The waitress escorted
Them to the booth next to ours, gave them a menu and walked away. We watched as the woman twisted and turned the wheel chair to make it fit under
The table. My granddaughter turned to me
And said "Grandma you're a nurse, can't you help them?" Feeling a little embarrassed that my eight year old grand
Daughter was one step ahead of me, I
Got up and offered to help. After we made the gentlemen and the lady comfortable, I returned to my table to
Find that my plate had been removed. I
Asked Alex what had happened to my
Plate. At that moment, our waitress approached the table with a plate of hot
Pancakes, bacon and sausage with a hardy helping of home fries. The waitress
Had noticed that I was helping the elderly
Couple for a few moments and decided to
Take my breakfast back and bring me
Another hot plate. Who does that? I asked
Myself as I sat down and resumed eating
my breakfast.
"See grandma, when you help other people, then someone will do nice things
For you right?"
Did I mention that Alex is eight?
Another exciting breakfast at IHOP!!

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