A World Colored in Red

Bloodshed, stabbings, shootings, bullying has become the norm in our world today.

Night after night, our brains are assaulted on the nightly news.

Hatred, bigotry and racism has reared
it's ugly head. We have become numb and apathetic, why?

We watch hatred flung across the screens of our lives, democracy as we
know it is being trampled upon. Disrespect and insults charging to the
forefront while empathy, respect and
compassion are taking a back seat.

What has happened to our world?
Why is it covered in red?

The war is over, yet people are dying in the streets, The life force is draining out of their bodies lying on the concrete.

Our sons and daughters, our husbands
brothers and sisters.

Their souls crying out:


Why is our world so divided, by race
gender, ethnicity?
Hatred has become the norm. We watch children being separated at the
boarder from their parents and we do
nothing but talk.

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