Doctors Appointments

Today, I went for my six month check up with my family practitioner. It seems that since I hit a milestone of
sixty, the various doctors appointment have become frequent. There's the Ortho doctor for the pain in my right knee. The dentist so I can keep my teeth and not have to get those fake
dentures that jump out at people when
you're talking. I'm serious about
that, I was talking to an old friend the
other day who was so excited about what we were talking about her top denture got stuck for a moment and she was talking to me through her dentures that were resting on each other. I wanted to laugh but couldn't
at the moment! Then there's the yearly mammogram that seems to come around quickly every year. Not to
mention blood work every six months or so to check on all your functions, liver, kidney, cholesterol, blah blah blah!! Don't forget your eye exams to
see if you need bifocal coke bottle glasses!! then if you notice that you're
urinating more often, that's another
doctors visit. With each decade as we
get older it seems the appointments are
one after another. Last week I made an
appointment to see the dermatologist
after noticing brown spots on my abdomen, thinking it was skin cancer or
something worse, only to hear her say
they were just Liver Spots. What?
Just change in skin pigmentation as you
age, she explained to me. Nothing to do, they are harmless. I wanted to ask for my forty dollar co pay back!!
Well, the important take away for me is
that each time I'm off to the doctors
office that I hear the doctor say, You're
doing great, all your test are normal even those damn liver spots, see you in
six months!! I'm out of there and back in my car. YES!!!

Learning not to take life too serious, but
to laugh and find humor is important.
It's also import not to take anything for
granted, especially a good report from
your doctor!!

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