The second time around

Over the past weekend I drove Upstate
To attend a wedding of a friend I've
Known for years. This friend who I'll
Call Amina, had been widowed for over
15 years. She kept herself involved with
Church affairs, visiting her grandchildren 
And taking occasional vacations. When
Ever her and I would have a conversation
About being alone after being married for
A long time, we often spoke about the
Loneliness, and dealing with a big void in
Our lives. I too am a widow of four years.
You keep busy, trying to go on after the
Lost of your spouse. Nothing really fills
That void. One day about a year ago she
Called to tell me she had met someone
At her church. I was happy and excited for
Her. I wanted all the details! Seven months into dating she sent me a picture
Of the two of them at a restaurante having
Dinner. She looked extremely happy.
Under the picture was a caption that said
In bold letters, I SAID YES!! My eyes
Immediately went to her left hand. And
There was a beautiful oval shaped diamond ring!!  That night I called her
And we talked and laughed for hours. She
Had found love again.  The wedding was
Beautiful and the reception was elegant.
I wished them well and hugged my friend.
She whispered in my ear "you're next".

There are stories all around us. The
Adventure is observing  and listening
And taking a moment to let the story
Unfold. Let the characters tell you their
Stories and then letting yourself be the
Conduit to get those words and thoughts
On paper!

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