LGBT+ Isn't a Vehicle for Fascism

So I logged onto FB this morning as I so often do, and one of my "friends" decided to say, "LGBT+ is a political fascism weapon prove me wrong". I had to stare at that for a few minutes in dumbfounded silence before my initial reaction was both disgust and overwhelming pity for his stupidity.

Some people may use it as a weapon, sure. But I don't think that's the main motive of most people in the lgbt+ community that want to be seen, respected, and loved for who they are without judgment or people flinching in their general direction.

As part of the lgbt+ community I was both appalled and annoyed at his blanket statement.

One person tried to tell him that's a pretty broad brush he was painting with whilst another tried to explain what lgbt+ was, but he still stayed on his soapbox insisting he was right.

He fails to recognize or see that he is using his Christianity as a weapon, and in one of the most unflattering ways possible.

I grew up in the church. I know the doctrine, I've read the book. God is love. And the bible even describes how love does not boast, is not envious, it is not angry. So I cannot say I believe this man is a man of God. He's just another Pharisee screaming from the rooftops with his rules.

One of my favorite pastors and musicians happens to be gay, and he is one of the best people I know. So I refuse to believe that God hates us or we're going to hell just because we love someone that we are told not to love.

The bible has many chapters that were excluded to make up the whole of what we have today so who knows what was taken out or altered? King James added the line about witches needing to be killed so please forgive me if I doubt the authenticity of the book we hold in our hands today.

I take in what we do have and try to apply it to my life, but no one is perfect and I make mistakes. I'm proud to say I don't beat people upside the head with ignorance and call it truth.

I don't try to push people into a narrow minded point of view that could be right or could be wrong.

I think we just need to live and let live. God gives people the free will to choose Him, so people need to be free to live their lives as they see fit.

I will never feel guilty for having a heart full of love and light instead of one full of anger and rules. I cannot imagine it's very fun getting enraged all the time over things that aren't even any of my business to begin with.

People are allowed to be proud of who they are even if it's not what you want them to be. People are allowed to love themselves even if you wish they weren't the way they were. People need to be more accepting and forgiving of people and love them as they are not who they want them to be.

Because if you think you're perfect or you've never disappointed anyone being how you are, you're wrong. Not one of us is perfect, but as long as we're all trying to be who we're meant to be...I think that's admirable.

Linda M. Crate's works have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines both online and in print. She is the author of six published chapbooks and one novel titled Phoenix Tears (Czykmate Books, June 2018). You can read more of her works here:

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