An Exorcism in Three Parts

1. The day we packed all of my things into boxes I felt something leave my body. Like the longer I occupied that space, the longer it occupied me. A friend came by to help me pile the odds and ends I reluctantly scattered around the place we called home, in to the brand new SUV, I decisively named Miracle. God placed me at the wrong place at the right time, so that when the day came for the exorcism, we would be ready.

2. When a plant survives in the harshest conditions, a horticulturist would diagnose it as, adaptable. During that time a plant’s entire genetic makeup can change to ensure its survival. My survival depended on forgetting who I was, but I’m still me. The things in my new place look oddly familiar. Like they belong in a life I’ve lived but no longer am “living.” The things that didn’t immediately take root in my new life will be piled into the leftover moving boxes, existence forgotten - out of sight and out of mind.

3. Amongst other eclectics, my ass hanging out isn’t that strange. The people here are kind and unusual and everything I need to say goodbye to this chapter. I get a tattoo knowing the approval rating will be low; complete with a dagger and the blood of my enemies. Additionally, it doesn’t feel complete so I go back for more. I am a new woman, it seems. These tattoos represent how much I have changed. Someone you don't even recognize when you pass her on the street. This is my closure.

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