Take a moment to smell the flowers!


Last Saturday I went to a writers day in
The park.  I made myself a small lunch
And filled my water bottle with ice and
Lastly, grabbed a folding chair from my
Deck. I packed everything in the trunk of
My car and headed off to a park I had
Never been to. The GPS did the trick and
Got me there in fifteen minutes. I watched
As cars pulled into the parking area, and people grabbed their chairs and pads to write and we all smiled at each other as we made our way under a high shade tree
To sit and write, share ideas  listen to a few speakers. When we broke for a fifteen
Minute lunch break, we were free to walk around the garden area and just take it all in. I ate quickly and hurried over to the area to gaze at rows and trails of beautiful
Flowers. Take a little time to stop and smell the flowers swirled around my brain.
How often had I heard that!! Well today I
Was doing just that. I watched beautiful
Monarch butterflies flutter from one flower to the next. The sun Ray's lit up
Their wings in flight. A bee buzzed by as
If to say, it's my turn now. I was watching
Nature at it's best! And I was in awe!  I
Realized, my group had already gathered
Back under the shade tree. As I sat and
Watched the next speaker walk up to the
Stand, I could hear him, but my eyes and
My attention was off to the left side of me
Where the rows of beautiful assorted flowers stood tall bathing in the suns radiance. At just the right moment three
Blue Jay's flew over and  circled the flowers. I wanted to interrupt the speaker
And the class and tell everyone what I was
Seeing. How quickly life passes by. In a few months those flowers will shrivel and
Die, they'll be raked away and thrown in the trash. But for this special moment in
This beautiful park, they were showing the
Magnificence of our creator. My point, take a little time to smell the flowers!!

Our words have power. They can lift
Our spirits, calm our fears and pierce
The soul.

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