Hear Them Roar

When my friend, David, was a wee lad, a quest of his mother’s inquired of him, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

  Without hesitation, he replied, “a woman.”

  I don’t know a single gay man, who at one time or another, has not wondered and dreamed of what kind or which sort of woman he might be had he been gifted with different genitalia. 

  “You’re so Jackie Kennedy!” my friend, Moss, exclaimed upon meeting me.

  “Every time I see you, I think of Audrie Hepburn,” a co-worker confessed.

  “You’re Ethel Merman, Judy Garland, and Barbra Streisand rolled up into one,” my ex, Chris, proclaimed. “You’re a musical heroin!”

  Heroines. Heroines. That’s what women are to gay men. Hell bent on success; heroines rise to the occasion. Against the greatest of odds, they win battles, capture nations, and…capture hearts.

  Who else but women and queens (With the exception of Barack Obama and my Dad) can multi-task with the ease of a multi-armed Bodhisattva god? The heavens quake when silver-slippered felines roar! 

  My bi-polar mother held a full-time job, fed and dressed six children, volunteered and baby-sat, drummed up support for the Democratic Party, brought home the bacon, fried it up in the pan, and never let my father forget he was a man! She performed all these duties in flawless makeup, perfectly coifed, neatly dressed, and in high heels! 

  Why do we gay men gravitate to glamorous and witty lady stars, women of science and letters, and female political leaders extraordinaire? Why? Because politically, the privileged, white, straight men of society have relegated us (Along with all minorities and PBS) to the second tier of society. We sit, chained together, by their prejudice, greed, and fear. 

  Please! Spare us your pity! Mop up the tears! Together…we are not victims, but victors! When the stench from the polluted and self-destructive first tier dissipates…there we stand, hand and hand…rising above the fray…resplendent in our humble glory.

  Mining for the best humanity has to offer…we gay men discovered gold in “them-thar hills!” On the wings of a dove, we slaughtered the vultures guarding our closets. With sheer determination, spirit, ingenuity, and wit, we shattered the glass ceiling against all odds.  With the sun on our faces, and our heroines as examples, we took the bull by the horns. In adversity, we raised our voices to opposition. What gay man would snip the apron strings when there’s so much more to learn? With our MRS. MOSES, we crossed the desert to the promised land of milk and honey. There’s no turning back now. 

  Women wear many hats. Whether chanting freedom songs with Shirley Chisholm, marching for equality with Jane Fonda, or charming a Pitbull like Nakita Krushchev as Jackie Kennedy did in Cold War 1961, women get the job done. These tremendous dreamers, with their feet planted firmly on the ground, see the world as it should be, and…and they make the impossible possible. All benefit from their courage. Vulnerability is strength. Vulnerability lifts the veil, exposes the truth, and sweeps clear the fog from the landscape. Women are fearlessly vulnerable.

  We gay men may worship the all-mighty penis, but it’s the goddess who inspire our ascension to higher beings.

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