GPS Works


I wish I could but I know I can’t.  If I could, I would. I always hear those statement together. So... I GPS'd it. ! look down at my phone, because to hold it straight up in front of me, and stand as if I'm looking into someones face would look crazy.

I noticed to get from wish i could to would a lot of people stop at can't. And choose to stay there. They go there and never leave. It's like a retirement place or something.  Anyway...Upon this miraculous discovery a little voice inside of me ( only the one ) says to me, " Why don't you try to find a different way around can’t to get to would?”

Wow! Made so much sense. Being the type of person I am, which is the kind who listens to themselves (which is another trip i had to take), I tried.

As I tried,  would and came to I could. Didn't  even see can’t. As i continued i came to I did. I liked it there. It was cool. I Loved that place. And at that second i figured out I can't stay. I had to go back and show people how to get from would and could around can't  to did. The trip itself was a formula...and I take the trip daily....

Peace Light and Love,


Queens NY

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