Breakfast At IHOP

IT'S 11:45 on a Monday morning, and
I'm sitting in IHOP having a delicious
Breakfast. Normally I tend to skip breakfast and wait anxiously for lunch.
Today I decided to eat first because I am
Taking a friend of mine for her first
Colonoscopy. It's amazing that stories are
All around us. I'm sitting in my booth
Observing everything. How quickly the
Waiters and waitresses are scurrying about taking orders and bringing out the
Dishes once they are ready. Suddenly, I
Heard someone in the kitchen sneeze. One sneeze lead to another. I kept thinking
I'm so happy I have my food in front of me!! Next I noticed a young man in the booth next to mine, come in sit down and
Wait patiently for someone to come over
And take his order. He waited and waited.
I found myself feeling frustrated for him.
I watch the greeter come over to our area
And seat another customer. The young man in the booth next to me continued to
Sit and watch as other people were seated and steamy dishes of pancakes
And eggs and sausage were being served.
Finally a manager came over and he
Explained how he had been waiting and
Waiting. She politely apologized and asked if she could at least start him out
With a cup of coffee. Surprisingly, he was
Accepting of her apology and without
Uttering one mean word he looked over
The menu and continued to wait for his
Waitress.  She Finally came over took his
Order and within moments his breakfast
Arrived. Lastly, as I was about to to settle
My bill, I heard the crashing of plates or
Glasses hit the floor and shatter. Then as
If on key, the sneezing fit began again. I
Paid for my breakfast walked to my car
And began laughing. Funny things happen
All around us every day. There's never a
Shortage of material to write about. I
Got in my car and took ten minutes to
Write this piece. Thanks IHOP!! 😊 

Chesterfield, VA. Stories are all around us. Sad ones and
Happy ones. Grab one and bring it to
Life on the page!! Happy Writing!!

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