An Unwelcome Guest

During the years that I have been writing and publishing short stories in
various anthologies and on various blogs,
I still have an unwelcome visitor stopping by quite frequently.  As much as I try to discourage this visitor, it doesn't work.  Not only do they visit
unannounced but they have the nerve to bring a friend.  Sometimes in a moment of fatigue and frustration about what ever I may be working on at
the time, I will invite them in and before I know it I'm entertaining both
unwanted guest.  By the time they both
leave, I'm left feeling down and discouraged even more than I was when they arrived.  I tell myself you have to stand up for yourself, be strong
self assured and grounded in who you 
are as a person.  When they come knocking, don't answer the door and 
definitely don't waste time entertaining
both of them.
If you haven't figured our who my un-
wanted guest is, who takes my joy and
tramples all over my creativity leaving
me feeling useless and a fraud, then i'll
tell you, it's procrastination and it's
buddy self doubt.  
My goal for the rest of 2019 is to ignore
them when they drop by, or kick them out and turn them around at the door.
If I hope to succeed on this journey as a writer, I have to be on guard and be
able to recognize the enemy that comes to kill, steal and destroy my gift and love of writing.  I won't allow them in my creative space. I'll guard it and 
protect it as I would an infant.  

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