Why didn't I help?

One year ago, I remember walking into
Dollar Tree next to my house. It was crowded so I hurried to get my purchases and rushed to the nearest check out. As I stood on line waiting my turn, I noticed a young man in front of me fumbling in his pocket for
money to pay for his one purchase, a
large gallon of milk.  He stood there
counting the change in his hand as the
cashier began to look irritated as she looked at her line was getting longer.  
Finally I heard the gentleman say, "I'll
be back". He placed the container on the counter and walked out of the store.  The impatient cashier called for 
someone to come and put the milk back.  At that moment, a voice whispered in my ear, Why Didn't you
help?  As I walked out of the store and
headed toward my car, tears began to
fill my eyes and slowly make their way 
down my cheeks.  Why didn't I help? I
thought to myself.  When I got home 
I was crying.  I thought to myself, suppose he was buying milk for his
children. Perhaps God had placed me in
that particular moment, behind that
man to be a blessing. I had let the opportunity to help someone go by.
My conscience bothered me the entire
evening. I prayed for forgiveness and
promised God that if I was ever in a 
position to help someone, I would, so
that later I wouldn't have to ask Why
didn't I help.

Chesterfield, VA. I am a lover of words. I love how they fit together and transport us to far away places, meeting new characters and going on adventures with them.  This is done through the magic of words.

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