Letting go in never easy. First
       You think of all the reasons that

        You should, then you think of all

        The reasons that you shouldn't.

         When a love you've cherished for
          A life time is suddenly no more,

           How do you let go?

          It's hard to let go.

           The memories are too strong 
            The romance was endless.

             The picture of his face is 

              Embedded in a permanent place

              In your mind, and in the deepest

              Recesses of your heart,

               Where only you and he reside.

                Maybe one day you'll sell the

                 Home that you both once 
                 Shared, move to another state,

                  Buy a new car, get an entirely

                   New hair style, and walk into

                    A new life you've tried to
                    Create for yourself.

                     Well, I did all those things

                      And it's still hard letting go.

Chesterfield, VA.

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