Country Life

Today I woke up and looked out of my bedroom window and noticed that what
seemed like over night, all the trees had filled in with their various colored leaves.  The grass below had grown and
was the prettiest shade of green.  I sat
quiet for a moment and there perched on the top of my deck was a red cardinal.  He sat gazing straight at my
window.  When I lived in the heart of 
New York City amid the hustle and business of the crowded streets and
buses and subways, I never saw a 
cardinal or even noticed trees and grass
in the concrete jungle.  It took moving 
away to the country to notice the beauty that's all around us, but is so
unappreciated and enjoyed.  
Now, when I take a trip to New York, a place I spent all of my childhood, I love
and enjoy it for all that it offers in the
way of expensive restaurants, broad way shows, many exclusive places to
shop and brows. I take in the essence
of city life, and then after a week or so
I begin to long for the quiet that my life in the country affords me.  
Last week I planted a flower garden in
the back of the house.  I enjoyed getting down on my knees and placing 
my hands in the earth and planting small flowers and herbs that I will
look forward to seeing them grow.  As
a writer, the solitude of the country allows your muse and creative brain to go to work.  You can hear, and feel the
heart of a story whispering to you.  You
can see the face of your character in your minds eye.  
I love the country life.  I'm 
Heading out back to sit on the deck and invite some new characters who
want their stories told to come and visit and stay awhile.  I'm listening!! 

Chesterfield, VA. I love reading good books and trying my best to be an awesome writer as 
well.  It's a daily struggle to grow and learn the craft of writing and at the same time to just quiet myself an channel what ever inspiration may come.

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