What's Important

What’s Important.....

Is it how you are looked at by others? Or is it how you feel about yourself?  Is it keeping up with the modern day styles?  Or is it keeping true to what you consider to be " your style".  Is it a must to follow the ways of others, or can you burn your own path and reach your desired point on your own?       

We live in times where an individual is nonexistent, and the "mob" such as in Rome, rule the decisions made by their elected or chosen officials. History has taught us, that without proper understanding, it can and will repeat itself. So now we stand at an apex. Not even a crossroads. We as a people must decide if our history defines our future, or do we. So many issues and choices, which make it difficult for a definite decision. I call it calculated confusion. Elders detached from children, cultures at war for power. The build up of aggression and non-patient responses.

Maybe we have forgotten, or become blind and numb....to what's important.

Peace and love to you all!!!

Queens, NY.

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