This morning I woke up, sat on the
Side of my bed, and gazed out of
My bedroom window at the lake that
Runs along the back of my house.
It's still and quiet. I notice how barren the trees are, and imagine how beautiful they will look in another month when the leaves will
Grow back and swell and fill up the
Barren branches. My neighbor has
A large in ground pool with a fountain. It's covered with a tarp now. As I sit here preparing for my
Day, I take a moment to look around
And just be still in the moment. We
Live such fast paced hurried lives that it's hard to just spend five or ten
Minutes in quietness.  I'm not one
That practices formal meditation. I
Just sit quiet and pray. After my prayers, I continue to sit in a posture
To receive answers and direction for
My life. Mostly I use this peaceful
Quiet time to just say thank you. 
My mother use to say "take time to
Sit and count your blessing, count them one by one and see what God
Has done." She had made her transition from this life to the next,
But those words are ingrained in my
Mind and in my heart. 
At this moment sitting on the side of
My bed, I'm thankful for the gift of
Being able to write. I love writing
Short stories and poems. When I
Take that moment to just be, and
Allow myself to meditate and pray, I
Release positive energy through out
My body. I allow the happy endorphins to be released through 
Out my body and create homeostasis within. That is the body
Soul and spirit being in alignment.
That's a moment of pure joy and happiness. I'm grateful today for life
Itself. As I continue to sit here and
Draw this piece to a close, I do so
With gratitude.

Chesterfield, VA.

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