That long

In ten minutes, wow. At 4am on February 5th, exactly one month away from my estranged wifes birthday. Cant say I feel much different than a few years ago. Being by myself, and traveling through a life shift every two years seems to be a spiritual cycle for me. From Queens NY, to North Carolina, To Maryland, back to New York, to Australia, Back to New York.

South Carolina, Illinois, Kansas City. I have 3 amazing children, many extentions of family, friends, spiritual guides, I cant begin to count. One thing my life has taught me is the experience never stops. The learning continues. It stops when you say stop, or have had enough. If you have the will of fire, you can burn forever as long as Oxygen is present. A good attitude is necessary to maneuver through the years of life. We hold our fate in our perceptions and choices. I have chosen to have no fear, and enjoy and learn from where life takes me. A grown son, newborn daughter, and an 8 yr old girl that can take great care of us all.

I'm blessed and thankful for my pain as well as pleasure. They both teach me a lot.
In 10 short minutes.

I love you all.

Queens, NY. I do music, writing, production, photography,, a little of everything.