Today was beautiful, sunny and warm. I decided it was a great day
To get my car washed. I drove over
To the Flag Stop car wars and couldn't believe the number of cars
Lined up to be washed. I decided
There was nothing pressing on my
Agenda, so I sat back and waited for
My turn. 
Finally, a young man walked over and asked if I wanted to have  a
Basic wash or detailed. I decided to
Have it detailed since this was my
First time here.
This was the fanciest car wash I
Have ever seen. Once my car was
Placed on the moving belt, I was told
To through the glass doors and pay
At the desk. Inside was a large waiting room, filled with modern chairs, a counter with coffee and tea
And a large flat screen hanging on
The wall. After paying for my car
Wash, I helped myself to a cup of
Coffee and sat in one of the large
Comfortable chairs. I was impressed!!
I sipped my coffee and watched
Let's Make A Deal as I waited. Soon,
One of the employees opened the
Door and asked who had a gray
Lincoln. I quickly jumped up, gathered my things and followed him outside to my car. My car looked
As if it had just rolled out of the show room of Feduke Ford Motors.
Today was a good day. Aside from
Having my car wash, I used ten
Minutes to write this piece. You
Really can write in ten minutes!!

I am a retired nurse who recently 
Located here in VIrginia. I'm
Loving the winter here verses the
Winter in the Catskills of New