The Mirror of Our Childhood

The cooling water reflected our tiny feet
dangling over the rush of trash,  
We saw the film of green as flowered mattresses
formed for the crusty leaves 
scorched within summer’s lungs. 

Bricks of a house forgotten lay just beyond
our simmering eyes. 
One chimney remembering how warmth within a house
exists only within those who are still warm. 
We were burning up
against the sun’s vibrant rays. 

Backs turned and knees scuffed, 
the ground enveloped our bottoms in spots
left behind from the wear our play had begun to mark  
within mother nature. 

Thorns pointed downwards
towards the paths we trekked along. 
Forests memorized in search of treasure
lost within the depths of imagination.

The neighbor’s grass bits scratched at our arms and legs. 
We could feel our blood mixing with 
sweat and grime hovering just above the surface of 
skin beginning to pucker with scars.

Our eyes reacted to the haze
filtering through pupils as they inhaled and exhaled  
The swampy world in front of them. 

Blue and brown tints speckled the dirt by the brook. 
Those shiny rocks in the water mirroring the beauty of our futures
if only we’d let ourselves be sharpened and polished by the world. 

Chester, Virginia, United States. I've loved writing all of my life, and simply want to share a portion of my love with the world. You are reading my heart so please treat it with care.