This weekend, my granddaughter Alex
and her parents drove up to Virginia from Raleigh Durham N.C.  Alex is eight
years old, but has the wisdom of someone much older.  We don't get to 
spend a lot of time together so when we do, it's extra special.  I had a few places planned to take her but of course
it's raining all weekend.  We did drive over to the aquatic center where she 
quickly changed into her bathing suit and dived into the pool.  I call her my 
little mermaid because she can swim 
like a fish. And she has the ribbons to
prove it!! After two hours of frolicking in
the pool with other little girls her age,
she dried off, dressed and we headed 
out for lunch.  She chose Wendy's.  We
ate our burgers and fries washing it all 
down with two ice teas.  We sat facing 
each other and slid into a nice comfortable round of girl chat!! This is 
where she shares with me what's been
going on in school, at the girl scouts 
meetings and after school activities. I
love that she shares her thoughts and 
feelings with me.  As we were beginning our girl chat she leaned over
the table and whispered to me, "Grandma, what's said in girl chat
stays in girl chat".  Holding me to pledge that no matter what she shares 
with me will go no further than Wendy's. I agreed.  She went on to tell
me about two of her classmates who are not very nice to her.  I listened closely.  As she continued to talk I noticed tears welling up in her eyes and
slowly sliding down her cheeks. This
was very personal to her.  I continued to listen, feeling good that she felt she
could bare her soul right here in Wendy's.  We talked and I gave her a 
hug letting her know that everything 
would be alright. As I hugged her and 
wiped away the tears, A part of me 
wanted to jump in my car, drive to that
school and let those young ladies know
to keep away from my granddaughter. I wanted to shield her from the painful
things in life, even at this early age. I
hold her and tell her how much I love her and how special she is to me.  She
looks me in my eye and says, "I love you too grandma." What a special weekend even if it's raining!!

A retired RN, living in Virginia and
enjoying spending time when I can with
my grandchildren.  I enjoy writing and
attending my church, and volunteering at a senior center once a week.