i hear your name 
my head starts spinning
i hear your voice
you think you’re winning 
i see that day
i want to cry 
are you ok? 
i have to lie 

at night when i’m sleeping
i see your face
tears in my eyes 
my heart begins to race 

they say you’re good 
they say you’d never 
but i know the truth 
it was the worst thing ever 

my sparkle has dulled 
my anxiety risen 
you stole my happiness
trapped me in this prison 

i can’t change what happened 
i can’t change their minds 
but you better believe 
i won’t quit trying 

there are days i hope the worst for you 
i wish you all the pain 
i know it’s not right 
but it’s what goes through my brain 

you took something from me
you stabbed me in the back 
you tarnished my trust 
you’re absolutely  whack

Huntington, MD, USA.