It's been four years since my husband  departed this life. After
forty four years of marriage, and
Two adult children, I find myself  on
My own, to fend for myself. Left with
A home in Upstate New York  sitting
On two acres of lush green grass and tall oak and pine trees right in
The middle of the lawn.  There are
Also two cars to maintain. How will
I manage this home,  property and
Cars that are now mine. All without
The  man I've shared half of my life
With.  In the past four years,  I've come to
Know who I am inside. I've  made
Decisions, handled problems, and
Slowly day by day moved through
The grieving process.  

I can finally say that i am totally on
My on and I'm in  good place. I
Recently moved to Virginia and into
A new life!!  I'm writing, going to 
Open mic nights sharing my deepest
Thoughts through poetry. I joined a
Water aerobics class at the gym.
Totally moved out of my comfort zone
and into the big sometimes 
Scary world.  I'm totally on my own
And it's not so bad!! This is a corner
Of my new life in ten minutes!!

Chesterfield, VA. I enjoy writing and reading  and
Hope to publish my book some day.