Kitchen Magic

We are sitting around watching MSNBC this morning when my husband says, “Those kids sitting around that table, yesterday; that was just magical!” 

My mind took me back to the day before, when four of the five grandchildren who come to our house after school each day, sat around the kitchen island, waiting for their sandwiches: three of them get peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (two cut in half and one cut in fourths, and never put the peanut butter and jelly on the same piece of bread), one gets grilled cheese (which we have learned to make in the oven to save time), and one, the oldest, gets baloney and cheese; the baloney must be grilled first.  

I am at the counter making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while my husband makes the grilled cheese, and baloney and cheese sandwiches. 

There is constant chatter around the kitchen island; requests for Nana and Pawpaw to “Tell her to leave me alone!” or “Tell him to leave me alone!”  Before we can get one of them fed, another is asking for their second “designer” sandwich like little birds in a nest, mouths hanging open, waiting for their own special kind of worm. There are requests for juice or milk or water, in between request for their second sandwiches. Pawpaw has learned to make two at a time for each of them to save time.

 As we frantically make sandwiches and chastise them to leave each other alone, we quietly talk to each other about how these kids are “wearing us out!”

Then they finish eating and say, “Thank you, Pawpaw”, or “Thank you, Nana.”

We look at each other. MAGICAL!

Greensboro, NC, USA.