Many nights I lie awake unable to sleep because there are so many quandaries I want to figure out. Such as, what was God’s intention when he made us so that we each have our own viewpoint. Every viewpoint differs. Why? Are we here merely to overcome the challenges that that brings about?  It still rankles me that we don’t all see things the same way. Actually, when I was child I was shocked to learn this. Some will say it makes life more interesting and textured. Life would be so boring if we all saw life from the same vantage point.  Really? 

I get bored very easily so this would not be the greatest compromise. But I’ll take boredom over war any day. 

Here’s the rub though. If this were possible to achieve, one viewpoint for all mankind, what would that viewpoint look like. I guess the whole theorem would be ruined if we ended up with Donald Trump’s viewpoint or Dick Cheney’s. 

I see that my suggestion if it were to come to pass could lead to devastation. We can’t agree on whether there’s a god, if so, who is god, or whose god is the one true god, so how on earth would we be able to agree on who would be the viewpoint decider.

Life sure is tricky.