A Solitude

These are the faces
I thought I knew
but the years have taught
me much.

These were names I trusted
but must have misunderstood 

I grew up in a shaded
tree, across a wide horizon,
catching baby birds from nests,
knowing the comfort silence
can bring.

Singing the virtues of loneliness.
I’m strong, I’ll be ok.

You said at dinner that the
malicious words were self-
preservation.  That’s like saying

I ate you because I was hungry,
not just to be mean.

I’m afraid I have a higher
standard than that and would
rather not chew on another’s
flesh at all.

I need to stop cussing so much.
Place my trust in heavenly
places.  Wise as serpents, soft
as doves should be my mantra.

I’m learning this stacking life
of being adjacent to others.
It can be a crowded solitude.