My Morning Pages.


I just started reading The Artist Way
And Julia Cameron strongly believe
In you getting up in the morning and
Grabbing a pen and paper, and let
Yourself throw up on the page! Sounds gross, but clearing your mind of everything allows you to
Then be open for new ideas to flow.
I just started morning pages. Some
Days the words tumble from my brain down through my fingers and
On to the three pages she suggest,
Other times I sit and retch waiting
To be able to throw up on to the three pages.  I believe this can allow
You to become unblocked, and may
Allow new thoughts and ideas to
Have room to come in, make themselves at home. I'll keep trying!!

Chesterfield, VA. I'm a retired R.N . That just relocated from the big apple to Virginia. Loving the winters here. I've always loved writing and reading and attending workshops!!